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Master the one hand information of the most advanced field of radium science and technology

zhonglei science and technology PC/PET alloy of medium radium science and technology is identified a2010-04-15

PC/PET alloy material is very suitable for the application of automotive interior parts because of its outstanding characteristics such as weatherability and mechanical strength. In order to solve the present automobile materials under normal temperature and low temperature impact toughness is not high, no weathering characteristic better, not enough in harsh geographical conditions as the use of radium in science and technology decision for automotive accessories and external development has excellent weather resistance, aging resistance, corrosion resistance, high temperature and high temperature impact PC/PET alloy material.

Radium in science and technology R & D department on the common technical problems after a long time, given the physical properties of traditional PC/PET alloy material is more excellent. In process control of extrusion process on the application of the Shanghai Jiao Tong University Institute of rheology rheological theory and mathematical model, by laser technology responsible for industrialization of R & D, and the ultimate success of the theory into practical application, and design different cylinder arrangement and screw combination according to the need of different products the perfect formula, the base material of formula design and process formulation design together, produce engineering plastics alloy products to international advanced, and the successful realization of the control of product performance and manufacturing process and product batch stability.

Under the guidance of rheology basic theory, the project accurately controls the extrusion process of PC/PET, reduces the processing cost and keeps the stability of alloy products, and improves the impact toughness and weathering characteristics of alloy materials at room temperature and low temperature. And in April 2010 was identified as the Shanghai city high technology transformation project.