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Dream comes true with technology

ZhongLei New Material Science Co.,Ltd

Shanghai Zhonglei New Material Science Co., Ltd. is a world-leading technology company.It is a modernized enterprise facing global market and has international vision and international marketing strategy.

The core competitiveness of the company is the continuous innovation ability, the unique innovation system and the pursuit of world-leading value concept.Zhonglei science is committed to the research, development, production and marketing of functional materials such as modified engineering plastics and composite materials, which are the core areas in the industry of modified plastics.Its functional materials are mainly used in high-end automobile, communications, IT, electronics and other cutting-edge industries.
Zhonglei Science was founded in 2009, first introduced in the modification principle of rheology, at the same time, such as chemical, mechanical and thermal mechanical discipline perfect confluence is together, through the control of the melt extrusion flow field, to achieve the chemical reaction of polymer materials, the control of flow and deformation, the, in turn, molecular structure and morphology of control materials, finally achieve the control of the quality of product.All the performance indicators, quality stability and environmental performance requirements of the product have reached or exceeded the international advanced technology level.It has become one of the few companies in the world that truly master the core technology of engineering plastics.




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